Top Ten Tuesday #3

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme started by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is Top Ten Favorite Book Covers:

10. Wentworth Hall
I love historical fiction and this book is obviously historical. This cover already gives me so much to speculate over. The maid is obviously interested in the rich boy sitting down, the girl on the right is obviously snooty, and the girl in the middle is ....well, in the middle of it all. That’s at least what I get from this cover.

9. Everneath
I can’t help but be drawn to covers with girls in gorgeous dresses! Not to mention, I love that it looks like the model is disintegrating into ash and dust as she walks (which kind of makes sense once you’ve read the book!) I really loved the colors used and the pretty font the title is written in.

8. City of Ashes
This was the first book that caught my eye in The Mortal Instruments series. I hadn’t read them but I saw this cover in the school library and I remember thinking “It’s a green skinned girl with hair made of fire! That’s AWESOME!” How wrong I was about the story, but I still think the cover is my favorite of the whole series.

7. Born Wicked
When I first saw the cover of Born Wicked I was all over it! I mean, what’s not to love? The font! The pretty model! The flowers in her hair! It seemed very vintage and very alluring. I’d love to have a Born Wicked poster hanging in my house.

6. Allegiance
I have read neither book in the Legacy series but I swoon over this cover every time I come across it. It has a very romantic feel to it! I love the idea of men who ride horses and whisk the girl away from her misery to live a happy, free life! Do I know if that’s what this book is about? No, but that’s the message I get from this cover. Oh, and the scrolls on this are very nice too!

5. Perfect
I don’t read Ellen Hopkins and I have my own reasons for that, but this cover almost made me give in and give this one a shot. I love the colors and the beautiful font that is used. The way it runs reminds me so much of how mascara looks when it is cried off.

4. The Selection
If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, I REALLY like covers with girls in big gowns! This one is no exception. I really like the mirrored effect going on here, the crown above the title font and the posing of the model. It looks so good!

3. Wintergirls
I purchased this book based solely on the cover and it’s attractiveness. It was a good thing I loved the book and ended up being glad I spent the money. The cover I have has a sort of reflective, prismatic sheen on it that makes it stand out a lot more than this picture. I also loved the way it looks like the girl is trapped behind ice, like she can’t escape.

2. The Peculiars
I used this cover for a feature called “Cover Crazy” a few weeks ago and I still feel the same. I am CRAZY over this cover. I love everything about it: the way the cogs are worked into the text, the girl’s wings, the cool colors that give it an icy feel. It’s gorgeous and gives you so much to look at. I can’t wait to get this book.

1. Wicked Lovely
My favorite cover of all time has to be Wicked Lovely! It is wonderful and mysterious and great! I love how there is this girl holding a flower, but she is out of focus and you just see this flower and all this dust covering her hands. Is it snow? Who knows! Is it fairy dust? Perhaps! It’s just a fantastic cover that I never get tired of seeing. So pretty!

What are your favorite book covers?


  1. Great list. We had a few of the same selections. Wentworth Hall looks interesting--I'll have to check that out.

  2. Wicked Lovely has got to be my most favorite cover ever! When I saw it, I immediately wanted to read it. I didn't care what it was about. It is stunning!!

  3. Gorgeous covers - my favorite from your list is The Peculiars.


  4. Goodness, this is the best one yet! Each and every one of those is stunning!!! You have great taste in covers, Darlene!

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  5. Allegiance and The Selection look awesome!!! Here is my Top Ten

  6. Great list! All the covers look awesome. My favorite from there has to be Born Wicked. I just love it. It makes me want to rush to the store and buy it! Awesome choices :)

  7. I WANT that dress from The Selection. So awesome. I love Wicked Lovely & Born Wicked---all of your choices are gorgeous!

  8. I like your choices! Some of them are my favorites too, like Born wicked :D

  9. I love the Born Wicked cover. Coupled with the title, the whole thing is sort of sexy. I just wish I liked the insides more. Oh well.

    Also, I noticed you're currently reading Crossed. I'm starting that as soon as I log off of here. Can't wait to read your review and see if our takes match up!

    New follower =)

  10. I love the colours of Born Wicked and Wicked Lovely is so beautiful. Great choices!

  11. Some unique covers on this list! I love pretty dress covers as well...love Everneath and The Selection! I am really intrigued by Wentworth Hall now...I'll have to check that book out.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These are some great picks. The Selection is goreous!
    My List

  13. We share Everneath in our lists. I've always love Cassandra Clare's covers. Great list!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm a new follower :)

    I love your design!

  14. I love the cover for Wicked Lovely. the purples are just perfect. Oh and I can't believe I forgot about the Allegiance cover. It's so pretty. Born Wicked's cover is what sold me on the book, too.

    Awesome picks. We share the same pick for Everneath! And thanks for stopping by.

  15. I love the cover of Allegiance. So romantic and girlie! Fantastic list..


  16. Amazing list! These are some seriously gorgeous covers! I love all of Ellen Hopkin's covers, they are very unique! Everneath and Allegiance are beautiful and I totally fell in love with the Wicked Lovely cover! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following! *New Follower* Your blog is beautiful!

  17. wow amazing list. Love The Peculiars, Wentworth Hall and Allegiance beautiful covers:)

  18. Darlene, all your picks are gorgeous! You really have an eye for beautiful cover! I love The Selection's cover too, it's like a reflection of an ice cube! Not to mention the dress, it's so gorgeous that I'm thinking of getting myself one like that! <3

    Awesome post, Darlene! I really like your list! :)

  19. Great picks! I've forgotten about a few of those. I love the cover of Allegiance!

  20. I saw the cover for Allegiance awhile ago and wanted to read the book immediately because of it. Then I discovered it's a sequel, and I can't snatch it up right away.

  21. I forgot about the cover of Born Wicked when I was making my list. Which is a book I picked up based solely on the cover.