Top Ten Tuesday #6

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme started by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is (freebie)Top Ten Strange Bookish Habits:

10. I’m Obsessed with Fan Art
I just love looking at fan art! Probably a good chunk of my bookmarked internet pages are book fan art and for popular series', there is no lack of it! I like visually seeing others interpretations of characters and how they vary from my mental pictures. When I really love a book, one of the first things I do is look online for fan art to gawk at. 
Fan art done by batata-tasha on deviantart.com

9. I have a Loan System
I’m very overprotective of my books, but occasionally a friend sees me reading something and they ask to borrow. I always try to be nice and share, but under the STRICTEST of circumstances. For instance, after two weeks if I haven’t heard the person mention anything about the book, I bother them to find out if they read it yet. After a month of it being lent, I send a text message saying I would like it back soon. If it’s more than a month and a half, I will bother that person daily until I have my book back. Maybe this makes me sound crazy, but I used to be more relaxed about loaning books and too often, they went missing. 

8. I have Reading “Zones” 
Some people can read anywhere. Some people can read while listening to music, or riding in a car, but I am not one of those people. If I spend a lot of time at a place, I must create a designated reading “zone.” At my house, it is in my bed, with exactly four pillows propping me up and the bedside lamp on. At my parents house, it’s in the guest room, in that bed, leaning up against the wall. At my boyfriend’s house, it’s upstairs in his den, sitting in the overstuffed recliner. I also cannot read unless it is completely silent. I just get too easily distracted by the outside world and I can’t focus. 

7. I talk about Books....A Lot!
I just can’t help but to talk about books too much. When I am out with friends, they want to talk about a new movie or tv show and that’s cool, but I want to talk about the book I’m reading and apparently, that’s weird to everyone else. I don’t get it. I also talk incessantly about books to my boyfriend and my parents even though they very rarely care and just amuse me by listening. Luckily, the book community has helped me a little with this quirk.

6. I do “Marathon Reading”
This doesn’t seem to be as rare as I originally thought, but I like to marathon read, where I shut myself off from the world for a day and read from the time I get up until the time I go to sleep only taking breaks for food and bathroom breaks. I find that it’s really relaxing and it’s a great way to take a break from technology and outside stress.

5. I use Bobby Pins as Bookmarks
I never ever have a bookmark when I need one but I have an insane amount of bobby pins all over the place. They are great bookmarks because they are small enough to fit and they can slide over the pages to make sure it stays in place. 

4. I have Books Everywhere!
I feel insecure if there isn’t a book with me at all times. I think it’s because of all those unexpected moments when you have nothing to do and you can’t help but think, “I’m wasting perfect reading time!” Luckily for me, I have found a foolproof way to combat this issue and that’s to have books everywhere! Some strange examples are: in the glove box of my car, in my backpack at school, and on my parent’s dining room table. I guess you could say, I mark my territory with books!

3. I Smell Books
This is another one that since I became a blogger, I realize isn’t as rare as I previously thought. I don’t think it takes much explanation, but I really do love the smell of a nice, old, paper book. 

2. I have Attachment Issues
I sort of touched on this with my loan system earlier in this post, but I really do get attached to my books. But the weird part is, I get attached to books I didn’t even like! Once, when I was younger, my Dad told me I had too many books and they were overflowing the bookshelves and I had to get rid of a few. I sold several of them to Half Price Book Store and to this day, I miss those books that I let go of. After that experience, I just decided I was comfortable with being a book hoarder.

1. I Feel Obligated to Convert the Non-Readers
My number one strange bookish habit is that I must convert the non-believers! For some reason, when someone tells me they don’t like to read, to me, it sounds like a challenge. I also get personally offended when someone tells me that they think reading is stupid. I have successfully converted about 6 friends, but my greatest accomplishment is my Dad. Before I got him to start reading, he wouldn’t even read instruction manuals to household appliances, but now he sometimes reads more than I do and has very similar tastes to me so we can share books. My theory about non-readers is that they just haven’t discovered the right genre of book that will suit them best.

There you have it, my weird (and slightly embarrassing) habits! I know I can’t be the only person who has some strange bookish habits going on and I would love to hear some of yours as well as see your links to this week’s Top Ten Tuesday posts, so feel free to share!


  1. hehe I have Attachment issues too :P :P I love your top ten!! :) :) And I love the fact that you use bobby pins for bookmarks :D :D Hilarious! ;) :)

  2. I definitely have attachment issues as well. This is the most creative freebie list I've seen so far.

    New follower


  3. Haha, this was a great list! I think many of us can sympathize with you on many of these bookish habits! I definitely smell books and talk about them way too much. Instead of bobby pins, I use receipts, pens, scraps of paper towels, and even other books as bookmarks! :)

    I really enjoyed reading your list. Keep up those bookish ways!

  4. Great list! I have attachment issues too. I gave up a bunch of books when I moved that I know I will never reread, and it still makes me sad. You loan system is completely understandable. There are some people that I won't ever loan books to again because of how long they kept or because they lost one.

  5. What a great list! So fun to read. (I'm a booksniffer too)
    Angela @ AJ Arndt Books Blog

  6. We must all convert the non-readers! *maniacal laugh*

  7. great idea for a post! I don't even let people borrow my books anymore unless I have a spare copy because of bad experiences. I haven't heard of using bobby pins as bookmarks, that's interesting! I usually just try to remember where I left off, ha.

  8. Great topic! I have a lot of similar habits like having books anywhere, having a strict lending system, and using bobby pins or paperclips.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  9. LOL I absolutely LOVE this post -- there are so many bookish quirks you have that I do too! x) For example: I am so overprotective of my books too! Even though I know sharing is caring and lending them is really one of the main points of owning a book, I get so paranoid that a friend/family member will ruin my book or never return it! :P Also, I DEFINITELY talk about books a lot to the point where my sister says, "Save it for your blog! LOL, and using bobby pins is a great idea! I'm a paper scraps kind of girl ;)

    I just love your top ten this week, Darlene! :') Absolutely adorable! <3

  10. These are too fun. I've never done a reading marathon. I'd definitely spent days where I read a lot, but I really should try that sometime. Or maybe just a read a ton over the weekend type of thing.

    But anyway, I LOVE the smell of books. I make my mom and sister smell them sometimes if I really like it. They're used to me.

    I can actually read with a lot of noise, but it depends on how invested in the book I am, I guess. I get distracted sometimes, but mostly, I can read anywhere. I even read during a volleyball game once. LOL


  11. Lol - your loan system made me smile. And I have books everywhere too because I can basically read everywhere - even standing up in the grocery line, which is why I don't get impatient with long lines anymore.


  12. -Obsessed with fan art.
    I have the same thing! I always look around on the internet, searching for nice picks from Harry Potter and stuff like that, haha.

    I understand your loan system. I actually don't lend any of my books, because 1. Nobody in my surrounding reads and 2. I'm SO careful with them, that I don't trust them in other ones hands :p

    -I talk about books, a lot.
    Ohhhh, I recognize myself in this. I always want to talk about it, but friends aren't interested and I tell my parents, boyfriend, sister and grandparents about it: they do listen, but I just know they don't really care :p That's why I love blogging so much. Just rambling with other booklovers about books <3

    -Reading marathons.
    I thought I was the only one! Especially when I was younger with more time, I would lay on my bed for days, just reading and reading :p I'm not really the 'going out and dance' type, so reading is the thing I do when I have free time.

    -I have books everywhere.
    I even bring books with me when I KNOW that I don't have the time to read. To school, when I have lessons all day long, just hoping that there still is some space to read. To my boyfriend, to my grandparents, to birthdays. Because I can read anywhere, that was one point we don't have similarity :p

    -I smell books.
    Yup, guilty.

    -Attachment problems.
    I have the same things. Books I don't like.. I still don't want to throw them away or give them away. That feels like acting against nature :p I'm a bit easier now, because I REALLY don't have the space and I want to buy a lot of great books. But when I live on my own, I will make a library for myself, so I can keep everything.

    -Convert non-readers, muhaha.
    I don't think most people are very happy with me :') When my boyfriend tells me he is boring, my answer is always 'try this book!' While I know that he doesn't like reading that much. When my sister is talking about a movie, and it's related to a book topic, I always tell her 'read this one and this one is you liked it so much, they are about the same subject.' etc :p I don't get so many appreciation, haha, but it feels good.

    And gooosh, I'm sorry for this long comment :o