Book Clubs, Yay or Nay?

I am currently on vacation this week and in lieu of my regular posting, this week will be a series of discussion posts by me as well as by a couple of guest bloggers.

Book Clubs, Yay or Nay?

Cindy from Oodles of Books was supposed to blog today, but she had some things come up and was unable to join us. Therefore, I decided to end this vacation week of discussion posts with a topic that always fascinates me and I love to hear opinions on, and that is: What do you think of Book Clubs? That could be a traditional group meet up style or a more technological online club or anything in between!

When I was a little kid I attended a summer book club sort of thing. All the kids would read a short picture book with their parents and in the middle of the week we would all gather together to talk about it and draw pictures….Well, that’s pretty much my only experience with book clubs. Pretty pathetic, huh?

It’s not that I never wanted to be in a book club, it’s just that the opportunity never seemed to present itself. For me, it was something that never worked out regardless of how interested I was. In High School, our book club was really cool! It was arranged like Harry Potter, complete with sorting hat, house points, and a yule ball. My issue with that was that I was more devoted to other clubs and never had the spare time to join. Apparently, my hometown even has quite a selection of book clubs that are hosted at the library these days.

But, alas, there just aren’t any book clubs around my college town that I could join and as for online book blogs, well that is completely uncharted territory for me. So, I fear that book clubs may just be something that I always want to experience, but will never have the chance. I suppose that is where the book blogging community fills in! Ha!

Have you ever been in a Book Club? Do you enjoy scheduled group reading? Does your town offer lots of opportunities for Book Clubs? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Hi Darlene
    Love ur blog and ur thoughtful posts. I think I always wanted to be in a book club too but it never kinda happened for me, but I love the idea of it :D **New Follower**

  2. I've never been in a book club. I don't like the books the library book club usually chooses so I've never joined. I'm hoping my university next year will have one though and I'll definitely give it a go! I don't like online book clubs, though. I've tried a few and they always seem very disorganized, and having a discussion in a thread isn't really the type of thing I'd be looking for when joining a club. :)

  3. Hi Darlene! Great to read your posts again! (back from hiatus).
    This is really quite an interesting topic that I actually haven't thought about! My high school actually does have a book club, but I've never found it...(despite Club Fair Day and all). it seems like a good experience anyhow, I think, so I'll try to participate during Senior Year :)

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian