E-Readers vs. Paper Books

I am currently on vacation, so in lieu of my regular posts, this week I will be doing book-related discussion posts everyday, as well as having some of my favorite bloggers do guest posts.

E-Readers vs. Paper Books

The more popular E-Readers have become in the most recent couple of years the more people have sort of taken sides on this strange sort of battle. There are people who swear by their E-Readers and never plan to buy another physical copy again. Then there are people who push away this technological advance as something to be avoided. My stance on this topic is: What does it matter as long as you’re reading?

I actually haven’t met anyone in the blogging community who is against one or the other format, but I do know a few people in my town who have taken a side. What I really was thinking about with this post was, what are some of the pros and cons with the two.

-Reading in the dark! (YEA!)
-Reading while laying down is easier
-More Portable, less to carry around
-Instantly receive books 24/7
-No one else can see what you’re reading by the cover (I’m looking at you, Fifty Shades of Grey people)
-Overall Cheaper Prices

-Batteries die
-If you don’t back up files, you can lose your books!
-E-Books don’t have the same “smell”
-More Fragile
-Expensive Device
-Bugs/Glitches happen

Paper Books
-You can keep them forever!
-Support local bookstores by buying books from them
-Cute Bookmarks
-Admiring Covers in all their Glory
-In certain places, Electronics are Prohibited
-Can Read Indoors or Outdoors

-Can get bent or torn when being carried in luggage/purses/backpacks
-Jackets can be irritating at times
-Take up a LOT of space
-More Expensive than alternative
-Library “Paper Books” have germs

This was really all I could come up with for both E-Reader and Paper Book Pros and Cons. I personally read both E-Books and Paper Books. My method is that if it is cheaper, I buy that version. Or if it is a book series that I have the first book in a paper copy, I will continue that pattern, and vice versa.

Do you have a preference of E-Reader or Paper Books? If you have an E-Reader, what brand is yours? Do you have any other pros and cons I could add to my list?


  1. I don't own an e-reader yet, though I really want one, for the pros you mentioned! Even then, somehow, I love paperbacks. That 'smell'.. aah! ;) And I love to see the books stacked on the shelves. It doesn't show what books I have in an e-reader. As in, I cannot display it all! But I would still like to have one, though. :)

    Hope you're enjoying your vacations!

  2. I didn't want an e-reader before because I though it'd strain my eyes, but I've heard from lots of people that they really don't. And one could really come in handy right now since a lot of review books I get I have to read on the computer. But other than that, paper books over e-reader any day!

  3. Awesome discussion post, Darlene! <3 I read both ebook and paperback, but lately I've been reading more and more ebooks. Like you mentioned, ebook is cheaper and easier to bring anywhere! I like paperback but sometimes I'm kind of intimidated by the thick pages before I start reading. I like ebook because you forget to see the pages left LOL! x) I like that I can caress and smell my paperback copy though - it always makes me excited! ;)

  4. I find it kind of bizarre that I used to be ''against'' ebooks and I feel so stupid thinking back on it! Now I have a Kindle and adore it. I get very annoyed when people refer to paper books as ''REAL books''. Ebooks are real books! It's the SAME story!

    I love my ereader. It's far easier to hold, I can get books within seconds, all my books are automatically backed up on Amazon so I can't really lose them. I get annoyed when people say things like ''Well at least my paper book won't run out of battery half way through a chapter'' because well, I've NEVER had this happen with my Kindle?! I charge it once a month and that can be done while I'm asleep. The battery argument is very silly in my opinion. My Kindle was also very cheap and the low price of ebooks has saved me hundreds.

    It's not like it has to be an either or. I have both ebooks and paperbooks. Same story, same author. I don't like being made feel like I'm somehow LESS of a booklover just because I read ebooks! I've never smelled my books either so I can't say I miss that...

    Awesome discussion post! <3