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I’m on vacation this week, so in lieu of regular posting I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to do a guest post. Today’s guest is Elena from Novel Sounds here to discuss YouTube Vloggers. Thank you Hilda!

"Hi everyone! My name is Elena and I blog over at Novel Sounds. I was so flattered when Darlene asked me to guest post on her blog! The topic I'm going to be discussing today is youtube bloggers.

Now, I haven't been blogging that long so blogging is still a relatively new world to me. I don't even think I really even knew what book blogging really WAS last year. So it's sort of strange to me that not only is book blogging a new thing to me, on top of that there's book vloggers? Of course, I knew what vloggers were like the popular Charlie McDonnell and Community Channel but I wasn't aware that there was actually people who vlogged about books. I think it's interesting because there's in the book blogging community but using a new form of medium to express their views. I admire them because A) they're just OUT THERE for the world to see which can be a scary thing B) they have to talk about books in way that people would be engaged. I guess that's also true for book bloggers but in vlogging, you have to be ON POINT since you're on camera. At least, that's what it seems like to me!

I don't think I've watched many book vloggers even though they do have their own community. I've probably watched around three in total with one girl impressing me in particular. She was English and what I admired about her vlogs is she didn't go off topic at all! I tend to notice with vloggers, they go off topic and you have to fast forward to get to the actual video. I was also impressed with how eloquent she was, no "ums" or mumbling that I recall. That's hard to do! I tried vlogging once but it ended up being too quiet.

My question to you is: do you watch Youtube vloggers? How do you feel about them? Are you one yourself? Do you have any vlogger recs?"

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  1. I have a few select book vloggers who I watch all the time but not many! I find many of them, well, boring. It's not very fun to sit and watch someone stare off into space and saying ''um'' a lot. A lot of them speak like they're just having a regular conversation but can't you really do that because it's NOT a regular conversation. It's onesided and that one side has to be engaging and exciting!

    I get that it's intimidating and not easy to put a vlog out there for everyone to see. But I just don't find many of them entertaining.

    Some vloggers are brilliant but for many others, I prefer to just read their blogs. :)