Hi all! Welcome to Leather Bound and Lovely!

I just wanted to make my first post sort of as an intro into who I am, what this blog is about, and what made me decide to get into book blogging.

About Me:
My name is Darlene and I am a 20-year-old college kid from Kentucky. I’m studying a double major of Costume Design and History. When I am not reading you can generally find me sewing (or crafting in general), watching the zillions of different TV shows I follow, or playing those highly addictive iPhone games(Temple Run, anyone?)

Why Blog?
I’ll just start from the very beginning. I’ve read my whole life. It’s really the one constant hobby I never got tired of. As I got older, I read lots of different genres and found friends who occasionally wanted to talk about a popular book series or something good they read and while that was awesome, those book chats were sometimes few and far between. I always wanted to be within a community of people who liked to discuss good books and what they looked forward to reading. Well….. somehow, one day I stumbled upon a YA book blog and I noticed this awesome online community of reviewers and book lovers alike so I lurked for several months and now finally decided to take the plunge and join in!

What I Read?
I love Young Adult books! Love Love LOVE them. I’m kind of leaving the teen phase in my life but every time I try to step out of the YA realm and into the adult-y books I come running back. There is nothing like that time in your life where you get first kisses, driver’s licenses, graduation, prom……Ahhhhh… I love it so. But in addition to just liking YA, I tend to focus on the sub-genres of:
-Science Fiction
- (and surprisingly) Historical Fiction
or of course any combination of the five.
So, in addition to liking books about teenagers, I want my teen protagonists to have super powers, elf ears, be fighting for survival in the future oooor sometimes in the way, far past.
This blog will focus on mainly those sub-genres but occasionally I might stray outside my comfort zone into other YA sub-genres.

Thanks for checking out the blog! I look forward to meeting all of you and I will have some reviews up very shortly!


  1. Welcome, Darlene! Your blog is GORGEOUS, and I seriously ♥ your posts so far. You have REALLY similar reading tastes to me! I discovered Historical romance last year and got hooked. Seriously :S

    "here is nothing like that time in your life where you get first kisses, driver’s licenses, graduation, prom……Ahhhhh… I love it so" THIS! YES! *happy sighs*
    So looking forward to more from you :)

    1. Thank you so much! :D
      It’s so nice to *officially* meet someone (especially someone with very similar tastes!)
      Historical romance sounds like a cool genre I might have to dive into sometime soon!
      Thanks again for such a welcoming comment!

  2. Hey Darlene, I found your blog through Rachel's 'My Reading Pile' and I must say you're got a real cute looking blog! Plus your posts are so meaningful. Love it! :)
    I enjoy fantasy and paranormal as well, when it comes to YA.
    Andd I've been reading since forever too! I started my book blog two months ago for the same reasons you did. It's an amazing way to interact with, and meet people with similar interests! :)

    Joined your blog and looking forward for more posts!
    PS- We're even the same age! :D

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliments! :D

      I think thats awesome how much we have in common with our reading styles and ages too! haha!
      Thanks for the comment!

  3. *you've (in the second line of my own comment :P)