Top Ten Tuesday #1

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme started by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is Top Ten Books that Broke my Heart a Little:

10. Wintergirls - by Laurie Halse Anderson
Wintergirls was a book that I picked from the library one day over the summer a couple years ago. I had no clue what I was getting into. It deals with the sad subject of eating disorders and self-hate. I related to it like I think a lot of girls do, not because I have ever had an eating disorder, but because I’ve never been comfortable with my body.

9. The Notebook - by Nicholas Sparks
Not YA, but I cried and cried AND CRIED!
I read it after watching the movie, knowing what to expect already but I still cried like a baby because I just couldn’t get over how good it was and how sad I was.

8.If I Stay - by Gayle Forman
If I Stay is one of the books in my collection that I cherish because it stuck with me. It’s not my favorite book, or even one I ever think I will read again but the message I got from it was something special that I will never forget.

7.Burned - by Ellen Hopkins
My best friend loves Ellen Hopkins, so I gave this a shot. I have never picked up another Ellen Hopkins book since. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I knew I would never be able to handle the sort of heartbreak she inflicts upon readers. It’s not a happy story, there is no happy ending, plain and simple.

6.The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter
Maybe, this one is a little strange for it to be on my list for breaking my heart a little. However, without giving the whole story away, let me just say, although the ending was happy in a sense, it was also incredibly sad in another sense, too. Anybody catch my drift here?

5.Revolution - by Jennifer Donnelly
This book was troubled from the start with Andi’s younger brother being killed and her other family issues. It was historical and related to the French Revolution, so I really enjoyed it, but it was a very sad story and I shed a few tears along the way.

4.Mockingjay - by Suzanne Collins
Okay, I will be brief because I don’t want to say anything that would ruin it for someone who hasn’t read the series (if you haven’t, READ IT!)
It was so upsetting and didn’t end at all how I would have thought, but unlike other readers who hate the way it ended or feel like Mockingjay “ruined” the books, I thought it was an appropriate ending and I can’t imagine it being any other way.

3. New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
Don’t judge me! I read this book five years ago, when I was fifteen and I probably cried so hard my pages got warped. I was so upset by Edward leaving that I simply tore through the book to find out if he was alive. Then I cried tears of joy when Bella and Edward were reunited. It was the first book I ever cried through.

2. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
Without even reading this book, you already know she’s going to die. That’s not the part that broke my heart. It was the way her family changed and moved on without her that tore me up. Once again, trying to be vague so I don’t spoil anything, but it was incredibly sad to realize that she was not getting the justice she deserved and her dad couldn’t get over it.

1. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
My #1 heartbreaking novel is actually the first grown up novel I read(of my own choosing). The love story between Henry and Clare is so developed that I felt like I knew them personally. So when they had troubles, I felt the pain and it killed me inside. It was so romantic and tragic at the same time. It goes without saying that every time I picked this book up I was bawling like a baby. It took me at least 2 weeks to read because I couldn’t stand crying when I was in public.

So that’s my list! Which books made the cut on your Top 10 this week?

By the way, just a little question if you don’t mind giving an opinion. I’m thinking about hosting a giveaway in celebration of the opening of Leather Bound and Lovely and I want your thoughts: What good YA books would you like to see in the giveaway?


  1. I've cried in New Moon as well :) And If I stay and Mockingjay were so so sad and emotional!! Great list Darlene!!

  2. LOVED Revolution! Almost put it down! Also loved Wintergirls! Such a great read and SO real and raw! Here's our Top 10

  3. The Lovely Bones is a great one to add to the the list. It upset me for the same reasons. I have never read a Ellen Hopkins book. I read the first few pages of Crank at a bookstore and new immediately that I wouldn't be able to emotionally handle it. Thanks for stopping by our Top Ten today!


    1. I’m glad to hear I am not the only one who has certain “deep” books that are just too much! Thank you as well for checking out my Top 10.

  4. The Time Traveler's Wife did break my heart a little. Henry and Clare's love story is very strange, yet I still can relate to it. Lovely Bones' ending may not be everyone's favorite, but I kind of like it. I sincerely hope her family could move on!

    I think the giveaway should be a february/march release, because everyone loves new shiny things LOL! That's just my opinion though. :) Have I told you yet that your blog design is gorgeous? Do you design it yourself? <3

    1. Okay! That sounds good, thanks for giving me an opinion on the giveaway idea. I might need to wait to get a few more followers before I try to do it though! Thanks so much for the compliment! Actually it is designed by IceyDesigns(there’s a link at the bottom of my blog) If you’re ever looking into a blog design, you should definitely consider her!

  5. Oh goodness, you've NAILED these ones. I SO cried in New Moon. SO OFTEN. And Mockingjay? And the others I hear such sad things... AMAZING.

  6. This is a great list! I'm surprised Wintergirls didn't end up on mine. Also, I've read almost all of Ellen Hopkins' books, and I picked Burned for my list because it stuck out to me as the most heartbreaking. I can totally see why you wouldn't want to pick up any more of her books for just the reason you said, but they really are wonderful.